Brianna StimpsonComment

Deal me out, thank you kindly!

Brianna StimpsonComment
Deal me out, thank you kindly!

I got me ten fine toes to wiggle in the sand,
Lots of idle fingers snap to my command,
A lovely pair of heels that kick to beat the band,
Contemplating nature can be fascinating,
Add to these a nose that I can thumb, and a mouth by gum have I
So tell the whole wide world, if you don't happen to like it,
Deal me out, thank you kindly, pass me by.

I’ve been jamming out to this song lately… as much as you can rock out to a song released by Peggy Lee in 1965. Lately my life has become decidedly less travel-themed and my toes do not wiggle in the sand quite so much. I have become rooted—for now. And yet this song hits something in me that makes me think I am doing exactly what I should be.

First off is the appreciation I have for my healthy, happy body. I know this sounds a little obvious, but I couldn’t have done anything the way I did it without it. And I’m so grateful it’s lasted this far, despite all the waterfalls I’ve rappelled down, water pressure I’ve scuba dived under, wild animals I’ve pet, and questionable restaurants I’ve frequented. A mouth by gum have I.

Without wondering where I’m going to sleep, or being weighed down by guilt because of time spent away from family, or emotional baggage not being confronted, or just the frenetic nature of hostels and different languages I can contemplate. I can contemplate nature, and life, and things of that nature. Silly thoughts are coming into my head all the time now. I’m ok with it. The happy drums in the song keep me marching along in the fall air, and I somehow am happy enough to kick my heels to the beat of the band.

Finally, if you don’t like it—my relatively “boring” newsfeed, my run-of-the-mill stories about the local pizza man, dating in D.C., my weird eating habits—well then pass me by. I know longer think I’m missing out on a perfect moment because of a picturesque waterfall on Instagram. I’ve been there. And it was amazing, but it wasn’t enough. Deal me out. I’ve got a new definition of happiness to pursue. Pass me by.