A 12 hour flight

I am always ambitious when it comes to long flights. I come prepared: hours of my favorite podcasts are downloaded onto my fully charged phone, I have at least 3 books ready, and a list of to-do items await. I have my sweater, socks, and a toothbrush easily accessible. I have already confirmed my aisle seat, so as I settle into place I take all my activities out, and prepare to concentrate for the next 12 hours.

Except it's an international flight. So first you are fed a decent, well-sized meal. Any sort of writing or reading has to wait. You casually turn on the monitor while chewing and realize that there are a bunch of free movies to choose from. You watch two of them (The Minority Report and The Devil Wears Prada). Then you're fed again and you think you might just close your eyes for a few minutes..the overhead lights are turned off anyway...

The lights are turned on and you find you're landing in Buenos Aires at sunrise, freezing because you accidentally checked your sweater with your baggage back in humid New York. You go to buy a coffee, which says it costs $30 and you realize you know nothing about Argentinian currency.

Wandering through the terminal as I wait for my next flight, I pull out my toothbrush. I am going to accomplish something today.